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A Very Painful Event Missing Any Sympathy { A Sad Story } + Pictures

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Her real and correct Name is Hawa Yusus Hassan and 27 years old Somali Native and bred or grew up in rural area and she has a son whom she had left in the rural area.
Even she had lost both her Mother and Father in the Somali Civil War and as She told me she has two Sisters those live n Kenya and Yemen and when she came in the city in search of better life and Survival she Started to make her own daily bread for herself Hawa underwent many different Stages of life she Started Working at very Young age During her Lifetime.
She was Selling Second hand Clothes , gas oil ,Petrol , gravel Soil and Many other Humble Jobs such as Domestic Servant and any other Possible Job to find her daily bread.
In the late 2011 Hawa Yusuf Hassan became Domestic Servant for Somali family in Karan District Banadir Region Mogadishu /Somalia and her Aim of Serving for that family was to Cover her daily bread since She was in a Serious condition of making her daily bread, The family she was Serving for were a mother and her young daughter and they were Dinancially Depending on the family of that mother.
After long time of Serving this family and Depositing her Salary to the Family She was Serving for Hawa Decided to Migrate from Somalia to Seek for a better life then She asked Fardowsa the lady She was Serving for to pay her the Sum of her long Waited Salary.
After long Argument she was Sympathized by Telling her that she will be Paid Tomorrow and was told to stay and wait then she Accepted but not Satisfied.
A plan does not notice you itself then in the morning She Started her normal daily work as she told me then she had driven the young daughter who was 3 years of age she was going to Shopping and Serving for the family as the mother of the family was a sleep and Hawa Rather than a Servant was the Second Mother of the young baby girl then when Hawa Moved towards the marked the mother woke up and ran after her and Started Shouting by saying let me My daughter hey you are Stealing , you are a thief , you are going t sell my daughter and made all sorts of mourning in order to get help as we quote from Hawa and something like that .
The nearby Passers gathered and Mob there and Hawa was Caught by Force who Seemed that they were a part of the Assassination done by the mother of the young daughter and then Hawa was put Jailed in Karan Prison in Mogadishu then she was Transferred to Hamar weyne prison and she Astonished and her case became Difficult she Worried about her life and as she was Engaged by a man who was planning to wed her.
After days she was Transferred to Somali Central Jail and was put in the Female Section of the prison her case was Transferred to the court in order she will be Sentenced she felt both Sadness and happiness then the Judge or Attorney Sentenced her 8 years in Prison and 8 millions of fine in Regard of her guilty of Stealing a baby she felt Sorry and Surprised there is no lawyer for her let alone one who cares her a female lawyer got Sympathy for her and Asked to Reduce the years she will spent in the jail after a Debate the Attorney said 3 years and 3 millions of Somali Shillings the date of that verdict was 17/07/2012 She really felt sorry and Disappointed then she was Jailed Again She was Covered by Sadness and hate her fetus grew and she became Pregnant and she Asked for appeal and no one helped her After Months she was on Labor and after days Delivered a Son who died in the prison none Visited her in the prison then she Surrendered and Decided to finish her Prison .
One day when I hear the Story of the victim Hawa it was hard for me to Believe though I have never Seen a servant who is illegally Alleged and Spent years in prison for that reason in order to investigate and know the Existence of this case one afternoon and went the prison getting and from a lady police who told me the scene.
I met with the victim Hawa She was Sad and Astonished and She Narrated me about her life and told me how the story I told above had happened and in a weak voice she told me that if the 3 Millions of fine is not Paid She will spend Any years in the Prison and I told her not to worry and I personally stood day and night to Contribute Much Money which was more than 3 millions God made it easy for me and I Contributed Aamount of early $500 then again.
I and the policewoman went to Banadir Regional Court in order to pay the fine and get her file and asked them to free her but it did not happen I felt sorry that there were no other people who Aadvocate for Hawa except me and the policewoman after I visited her at the prison she was freed January 2015 and really I knew that if we would not pay the money she would have spent many other years in prison because her case was not Managed in a way of Justice.
Hawa is now planning to make a small business I told the government and the law Enforcement institutions to help Hawa but it did not happen.

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